SHONEN HOLLYWOOD -HOLLY STAGE FOR YOU- Complete Edition with Q&A SUB / Year of production : 2018

SAT 9.22.2018

4:45 pm - 6:45 pm

World Premiere / Free Screening

Screen #8

Cheering Style Screening:

Attendees are allowed to use glow sticks & light sticks and cheer out loud during presentations. Support your favorite characters with your light stick and cheer them on as if you were at a live event!

SHONEN HOLLYWOOD -HOLLY STAGE FOR YOU- Complete Edition with Q&A SUB / Year of production : 2018

  • Director Toshimasa Kuroyanagi
  • Production ZEXCS
  • Length 59 min

They were born all over the country
They’re born all over again on stage
They’re the reason why we came
To meet you
On such a “Holly” day
We’re never afraid of trying new things
This is only the beginning
Shonen Hollywood
And our journey
Starts here today…

Hollywood Tokyo, a music venue in Harajuku where the legendary idol group Shonen Hollywood once took the world by storm, is back in action featuring teenagers Kakeru Kazami, Kira Saeki, Ikuma Amaki, Daiki Tomii and Shun Maiyama.
Feeling joy, lost and helpless, the teens struggle with mixed emotions to develop their talents as idols.

Inspired by Ikuyo Hashiguchi’s popular novel, SHONEN HOLLYWOOD has been adapted into various different forms, including theatre, manga and anime. Containing over 30,000 handwritten pages, every single frame of this newly created hour-long animated film is drawn by hand.

Today, we are showcasing the FULL VERSION of Harajuku-based Japanese male idol group Shonen Hollywood’s Christmas Concert!

Special Q&A Session “SHONEN HOLLYWOOD”

Following the screening, we are welcoming our Special Guest: Ikuyo  Hashiguchi (the author of “SHONEN HOLLYWOOD”) for a very special Q&A Session!

Interview with Ikuyo Hashiguchi, author of SHONEN HOLLYWOOD

See the interview with Ikuyo Hashiguchi, the author of Shonen Hollywood, from the link below:

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